Michael Vincent Veneracion is a Filipino-Canadian, Toronto based painter and graduate of OCAD University's Drawing and Painting program.  Heavily inspired by themes of identity, culture, and conversations about the social climate.  Michael is a figure painter that draws narratives from his own background growing up surrounded by the street subculture. 


Michael Veneracion, a Filipino-Canadian, Scarborough raised Painter aims to represent the street-culture he has been raised by. He primarily paints medium to large scale oil on canvas paintings. Utilizing traditional European palettes and compositions paired with his own graffiti and street art style painting techniques to bring to light the reality of the youth-street culture of Toronto and specifically, Scarborough.
His works are confrontational in essence and challenges the ideas of Euro-centric standards placed surrounding himself and others like him in this community. The work deals with issues of race, identity and creative expression. Michael is aiming to contribute to the conversations on “white-standards, hyper-masculinity, expression and cultural identity. He is critically observing the social situations of this youth culture to inspire his community and others like it and speak to and on behalf of the like-minded youth, street cultured community that had adopted him.
“This is for all the times, I was told that I wouldn't be able to make waves with being creative. For all the people that look down on the yutes that chose to defy the norms that constricted their minds. For that one high school teacher that sent me home for wearing my pants in my socks to flex my sneakers. For the young bloods that never get a chance to believe in themselves. And for all those that believe in making a change and being the change.”
- The Good Son

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